Photos' hunt ( 2004 06 25 )


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  This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Park

Here it is !

The Legend of The Lion King
has been presented this weekend on Videopolis stage.

The show is already becoming a success of the resort... after a long time of very poor shows,

Disneyland Paris renews with decors, lights, special effects, costumes, musics, songs, dances, magic, emotion, feelings, frights and joy.

Through several scenes you will live again the story of The Lion King with all the famous songs as Circle of Life or I Just Can't Wait to Be King...

But... Be Prepared... Scar and Hyenas are here too...

Hakuna Matata isn't Timon ?

It's paradise... Can You Feel The Love Tonight ?

And also hell...

But it's still the Circle of Life

and time for a finale celebration,

and a standing ovation !

For the Annual Passholders special event, the Walt Disney Creative Entertainment was showing a part of its realizations...

The Legend of The Lion King is also a theme for Cast Members nametags...

and some "animals" decorations...

The show is on stage 3 or 4 times a day, and presented in french or english.

At the exit of Videopolis, you can't miss the dedicated shop !

CU again soon ;-)

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