Photos' hunt ( 2004 07 03 )


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  This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Resort Paris

Last sunday during a pre-parade in Disneyland Park promotional-cars for the resort has been presented to guests and press.

Those cars will precede cyclists during  Le Tour de France

Disneyland Park

Before... and... after...

Work goes on for Space Mountain, every detail is carefully renovated.

It was the same for Videopolis where Philips signs after only being replaced by a simple white square they are now replaced by a picture of Hyperion.

But "feet" of the "Space Ship" already need some glue ! :-(

Something comes back...
- Star Tours - IBM sign -

Something is missing on Space Mountain !

A Tea Party ? Where ?

Printed in june, new menus have been put outside and inside counter-desk and table service restaurants.

Even Mickey presents Walt's an American Restaurant menu

More pictures of food are used, so even guests who are not understanding french or english can make their order in an easier way.

Summer season is coming soon, and Last Chance Café has reopen... not as fast-food  restaurant, but like in 2003 as a "Salon de Thé / Glacier"

And... this is now the only place in Disneyland Park where you can find Cheesecake and Banana Split !!!

Does this electric-blue really fit to Casey's Corner theme ?

It's up to you to tell me !

Work in progress for Peter Pan's Flight.

The entrance sign has moved to a new place.

And new place of turnstile indicates that the waiting line will change.

Walt Disney Studios

Flowers for the Studios.

Thanks to gardeners who put on almost each lamp of the park a floral decoration.

A new logo for the resort.

New merchandising... and if you are pop-corn thirsty... try this XXL bottle !

Disney Village

Disney Village becomes the new children place of the resort.

A new Carrousel is turning in the Village street between Rain Forest Café and Café Mickey.
It completes Kids Adventure, Kids Car, and other games.

Without the quality of materials used for Le Carroussel de Lancelot at Fantasyland, this new attraction is themed with jungle and wild animals.

Wake & Beach Festival  this weekend on Lake Disney.

Beach volley, a barbecue party, wakeboard demonstrations.

CU again soon ;-)

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