Photos' hunt ( 2006 02 07 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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This week in the photos' hunt :

Walt Disney Studios

After a short vacations, Mickey stopped his caravan between Studio 2 (CinéMagique) and Walt Disney Television Studios
Studios become a large promotion area for Disney's productions.

Guests are now informed about the construction which appeared in the center of the Studios.

Front building details raise up.

Work started again in Animation Courtyard.

Disneyland Park

...and in...

Buzz is there !

Creatures of Kid's Carnival are named... 

No DJ at Carnival Square but good dancers !
Carnival Under The Sea...

...or Jungle Carnival...

... La di da... sing along
for a Carnival Finale

Work in progress...

CU again soon ;-)

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