Photos' hunt ( 2006 04 14 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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This week in the photos' hunt :

Walt Disney Studios

Let's discover the new photolocation installed between Studios 1 and 3, for Monsters, Inc

If you like, make a scream donation to provide energy to Monstropolis.

Work in progress for Toon Studios.

Disneyland Park

Happy Easter !

Am I late ?

Queen of Heart cards are playing around Town Square

Don't worry, Plaza East Boutique and Plaza West Boutique shops remain open during work.

Littles details back...
Glass Fantasies sign at Harrington's Fine China & Porcelains on Main Street U.S.A.
After a long refurbishment time to repair the fourth light missing, Liberty Arcade lamp post is back.

Spring mood...

L'Auberge de Cendrillon
sign is partly back. (lamps still missing)

After the opening ceremony of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Jules Verne citation is re-installed.
Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant.

Original name is used again.

CU again soon ;-)

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