Photos' hunt ( 2006 08 30 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Park

A Major visible refurbishment has started in Frontierland for Big Thunder Mountain.
The ride is closed until mid-october.

Work is done all around and inside the mine.

On the water... in the air...
From the bottom to the top !

If you meet Jack Sparrow at Adventureland... perhaps you will also find the treasure.

"L'Arbre enchanté" is not a new ride of Fantasyland, but a beverages sell point presented by Minute Maid

Le Théâtre du Chateau named for english readers the "Royal Castle Stage" becomes a Princesses photo location...

Walt Disney Studios

Work and painting in progress for Hollywood Tower Hotel...

... and Toons Studios
The parks are on their way (merchandising certainly...) to 2007... but characters walk hidden...

CU again soon ;-)

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