Photos' hunt ( 2007 05 29 )


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This week in the photos' hunt :

Walt Disney Studios

Animation Courtyard becomes Toon Studio with the new statue of Mickey installed in front of Art of The Animation sorcerer hat.

Some add-ons to new attractions.

Here at Crush's Coaster.

There at Cars Quatre Roue Rallye.

More and more metallic structures of future buildings between Studio 1 and Hollywood Tower Hotel

Summer season is back soon with return of Lilo & Stitch - Catch the Wave Party.

Disney Village

Green  tents replace white old tents at the control gates.

On the ground of Main Plaza other resorts are celebrated with a sign indicating their opening date and distance from Disneyland Resort Paris.

Those other resorts were already mentionned elsewhere.

Here at Disney's Newport Bay Club.

And there at Disney's Hotel Sante Fe.

CU again soon ;-)

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