Photos' hunt ( 2007 09 25 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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This week in the photos' hunt :

Walt Disney Studios

The new street already visible on the Studios' map, becomes reality.
Some trees behind Walt Disney statue have been removed.

And new trees are already visible behind the fence.

On the side of Hollywood Tower Hotel, FastPass sign is visible.

Chef Remy welcomes you at Rendez-vous des Stars.

Main gate refurbishment.

Disneyland Park

After Disney & Co. it's turn of Lilly's Boutique to be closed for refurbishment.
FastPass refurbishment:
after Big Thunder Mountain,  it's turn of Peter Pan's Flight,

and Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril.

Work continues at Critter Corral.

Halloweeeeen is back at Frontierland.

"Witches go home..."

why not ! and Pumpkin-men too !

Disney Village

Halloween is back here too.
Billy Bob's Country & Western Saloon facade new decoration added.

CU again soon ;-)

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