Photos' hunt ( 2008 01 22 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Park

To start this new year, Peter Pan's Flight  builings are under refurbishement.

An information board (probably recycled from Walt Disney Studios) is added at Discoveryland entrance

Curtain will open soon on new shops windows along Main Street, USA.

Theme of the season  : Palace Paris

Not well hidden antennas. above Adventureland walls.

Gone by the wind...

Chaparral Theater finds again it's old name: Chaparral Stage (used from 1993 to 1995).

Dole : sponsor of Café de la Brousse.

Disney Village
More trees for the street of Disney Village.

Terraces refurbishment for Billy Bob's Country & Western Saloon and Café Mickey

CU again soon ;-)

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